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原标题:I'm a feminist and I've had cosmetic surgery. Why is that a problem?

原作者:Angela Neustatter

卫报原文地址: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/03/feminist-cosmetic-surgery-low-body-confidence

“批判像Julie Christie这样进行了整容手术的人是无意义也是有害的,他们只不过做了一个使自己在一个并不由他制造的文化里更具竞争力的决定。” 图片: Stefano Paltera/AP

演员Julie Christie为保住饭碗而做了面部提升术,虽说好莱坞就是崇尚年轻貌美之地,她还是因为此事饱受媒体指责,批评者认为她“背叛了我们所有人”。自2012年起,接受整形手术的人每年都以17%的比例增长,这件事也再次引起了我的关注。

Julie Christie, 1962 来源:chrisbeetlesfinephotographs.com


我却希望我们现在能采取一个更细致具体的方式看待整容。 因为攻击模式和清高模式显然都没能阻止人们继续尝试整形手术。相反,越来越多的年轻女性为了丰胸和吸脂赴汤蹈火。根据本周的一项统计,进行去脂手术的女性数量已经比2012年增长了40%。




英国女性及平等部长Jo Swinson 在她促成并由政府接管的那场“身体自信”的运动中的呼吁无疑是正确的,她谈到了开启并更开放的讨论由于对体形外貌自卑而造成的在职场以及家庭领域内的困扰这一社会现象。



The memory of actor Julie Christie being accused, in print, of "betraying us all" when she admitted to having had a face lift to try to stay working in the mercilessly youth-adoring Hollywood culture, came sharply into focus as I read that cosmetic surgery procedures haverisen by 17% on average since 2012.

I had an eye job in my 40s when my eyes seemed to be disappearing into a reptilian layer of skin folds. This made me miserable because we communicate so much with our eyes, and journalists, more than most. I wrote about my eyelid surgery partly because so many feminists were tight-lipped about the procedures they had (and believe me, they did) and I felt it important to be honest about the way I, as a feminist, deal with the human condition. I hadn't anticipated the personal criticism and condemnation – I was accused of body loathing – that came my way. Feminists were not supposed to reveal such feminine frailty in the face of ageing it seemed.


I hope we can take a more nuanced approach now. If only because attack mode and high-mindedness have manifestly failed to put people off seeking surgery. Ever more and younger women are signing up for procedures, from breast enlargement to liposuction, which involves removing fat from areas of the body. According to statistics released this week, the number of liposuction procedures increased by more than 40% last year compared with 2012.

It is, of course, a tragic reflection of the values that have flooded our society so powerfully that we cannot just scoff at the glossy unreality of so much of the imagery that bombards us. Young people in particular cannot feel carefree about their appearance, which is why eating disorders, body dysmorphia and self-harm are all on the increase.

But those who choose the scalpel route are doing so to compete in a culture where youthful beauty is beamed at us as the most desirable thing there is. Despite the despair and sense of failure this message brings to many of us, research confirms that attractiveness brings more opportunities in both the work and romance departments. No wonder women, and increasingly men, frightened witless at the prospect of losing the clout which having visibly appealing looks brings, are heading for nips, tucks, lifts, botox and more. Despite the breast implants scandal, 11,000 women had breast enhancement operations in 2013,an increase of 13%on the previous year.


I am absolutely of the view that, as a society, we have much to do to tackle the objectification and self-esteem issues that afflict young women in particular. But I think we have to do it through dialogue and discussion with young women (and young men) who are ever-more prone to the looks culture. We have to make time to involve ourselves with them and help them to see the ways many of us have built rewarding lives without being drop-dead gorgeous. Indeed, the subject of mynew bookis the ways in which, as we mature, it can become easier to live with who and what we are.

The minister for women and equalities, Jo Swinson, has the right idea with theCampaign for Body Confidenceshe instigated and which has been taken up by the government. She talks of the need to open up the debate and talk more openly about how low body confidence at all ages affects performance in the workplace and family relationships.

Condemning individuals for decisions they take to compete in a culture they themselves didn't create is counterproductive and harmful, even if those decisions are ones we regard as medically unnecessary and politically distasteful. To me, the huge value of feminism has been the life-affirming value of women supporting each other in their choices. It is about understanding more, condemning less.



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